Date of Last Revision: 01 April 2017

This document sets out the Community Guidelines that applies to your use of MyRide and any media, message or any other content that you may upload (“Content”) and the Original Content.

“Original Content" is the content posted by or created by us (My Ride Inc.) our directors and employees, and our group companies, including but not limited to content featuring our presenters. Original Content may only be shared within MyRide or via other social media platforms as part of the sharing functionality on MyRide. Original Content may not be independently downloaded, copied, streamed, broadcast or otherwise used without our prior written consent.

When using MyRide you are expected to comply with these Community Guidelines, and we may, in addition to any other legal right or remedy, revoke your access in accordance with our Terms of Use for any breach of these Community Guidelines.

We may update the Community Guidelines from time to time and will bring any updates to your attention. Your continued use of MyRide will be deemed your acceptance of any update to the Community Guidelines.


1.1. When you upload Content to MyRide, you agree that your Content will comply with these Community Guidelines. You agree that your Content will not:

1.1.1. be unlawful;

By way of example only, your content will not promote, feature, facilitate or condone any material or activity which is unlawful such as violence, speeding or generally committing a crime.

1.1.2. infringe third party rights;

By way of example only, your Content will not infringe any intellectual property rights (for example but not limitation such as copyright or trade mark) or other rights such as privacy, publicity, personal data rights, or any contractual right.

You will be responsible for ensuring that any persons, locations or content appearing in or which forms part of your Content has consented to such use. Please respect other people's intellectual property.

1.1.3. be inappropriate or otherwise be objectionable by us.

By way of example only, your Content will not be abusive of any person, or contain malicious, bullying, or violent, fraudulent, pornographic, homophobic, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or racist material. Nor will you use the service to bully, harasses or otherwise maliciously target any person.

1.1.4. contain any viruses, Trojans or other malicious, harmful or tracking code.

1.1.5. contain any marketing or commercial promotions or adverts.

By way of example, your content shall not be a paid for or sponsored promotion, nor will you include any advert pop ups or pre or post-rolls.

If you are interested in using the Service to commercially promote or share information about products or services, please get in touch with us at

1.1.6. suggest any endorsement by us or any of our presenters.


2.1. You may only use and watch Original Content and users’ Content uploaded onto MyRide by as permitted by us. You may watch, view and stream Original Content and users’ Content on the MyRide mobile apps. You may also share Original Content and users’ Content using the MyRide social media sharing functionality.

2.2. You may not copy, download, or embed any Original Content or users’ Content without the express written permission of the content owner.

2.4. You may not use any Original Content or other users’ Content for any commercial purposes, or any public performances.


3.1. When you create an account all information you supply must be truthful and accurate about you and your vehicles only.

3.2. You shall not use or set up an account to imposter any other person, or to set up fake or ‘bot’ style accounts.

3.3. Profile user names do not need to be your real name, but cannot be chosen or used which:

3.3.1. are trade marks of a third party;

3.3.2. are offensive;

3.3.3. may breach these Community Guidelines in any other manner as we may reasonably decide.

3.4. Profile user names cannot be sold, transferred or licensed without our prior written consent.

3.5. You may only use your account in accordance with the Terms of Use, and you may not operate a competition or commercial activity without our prior written approval.


4.1. When using MyRide you must ensure that your Content does not exaggerate the safety or other features of any particular vehicle, and you must not encourage or condone speeding, or dangerous or irresponsible driving. Remember that Original Content is filmed by professional video makers in controlled surroundings who put safety first.


5.1. If you spot material on the Service which you believe contravenes these Community Guidelines or is otherwise objectionable please notify us at as set out in clause 9 of the Terms of Use.

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