Its very easy to sign up into MyRide. You can sign up using your Facebook and Intagram account or can sign up manually using your e-mail address by simply clicking on sign up option on Landing Screen of application.

Its necessarily to fill all required field mentioned in first screen after log in. You need to enter at least one Ride to your profile to access app. Otherwise you will get an error.

Nickname is what other My Ride users will see. You can choose any nickname you would like, almost.

Create your community with tap "+" sign on Communities screen to start filling your own community info. Once you've done, you may invite your followers to join your community.

MY COMMUNITIES tab contains communities that you are a member of or your own community. You can find yourcommunity created by you by clicking on "Community I’m administrating".

To invite your followers to follow your community, open community you have created and simply click on “Invite Followers”. You will find users list who are following you. Select followers you want to invite and click on “✓” located in right corner of header.

You can follow community by clicking on Communities tab --> Select Popular --> And follow communities you would like to follow.

From Home Page click on MEETS tab located in footer . You will find “+” sign in right corner of header near search icon. Click on this sign and fill necessary information regarding your meet.

On Meets screen you will see all meets you are going to which are called “YOUR MEETS”. UPCOMING Meets means the future meets are going be in near future. PAST Meets mean meets which have been already passed.

When you click on MEETS Tab, you will find a section called Meets I’m administrating. By clicking on this section you will be able to find Meets you have created.

Click on Meets I’m administrating section, then click on edit meet (whichever you want to edit). Click on “✓” sign located in right corner of header to update/save changes of your meet.

To share your COMMUNITIES using all available social media go to any Meet or Community you have created. On the right corner of community you will find this icon “PLEASE INSERT SHARE ICON OVER HERE” click on this icon and select your social media to share.

You can write a message to any user (if possible by user's privacy settings). You can find all your conversations (including text, stickers and pictures) with other users on MESSAGES tab.

Feed contains all the posts from all the communities you are following, posts from these communities will appear on Feed.

Points system gives you points for some activity on your account. System calculates points as below:

  • a) When any user visits your profile you will receive 1 Point
  • b) When any user will like your Ride you will get 3 Points
  • c) When any user likes your comments in community you will get 2 points
  • d) When you add/fill all the information of your Ride you will get 10 Points/Ride for each Ride. To get 10 Points you will have to add
    - vehicle make and model
    - at least 3 pictures of the vehicle
    - vehicle description

If you did not find answer for your question, kindly contact us on contact.myride@gmail.com. If you have any issues using My Ride application or want to leave a feedback or suggestion, go to left side menu, choose SETTINGS and choose YOUR SUGGESTION. Our team will respond you in shortest time. contact.myride@gmail.com

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